Web Development Services

Web development services at WCN Digital, are provided in support of our Search Engine Marketing Services (SEM). Most businesses that start digital marketing also need some web development. We have the experience and the team to offer both. It could be that your business needs a new website, or optimization of your existing site. Web development goes hand in hand with driving targeted traffic to your web site and turning that traffic into conversions.

A successful web development project starts with a clear understanding of your business objectives and technical requirements. To ensure your project is a complete success, we will work closely with you to get a complete understanding of your business’s needs while providing valuable guidance and suggestions for your project.

Custom Web Development Services:

  • E-commerce Development – If you need a new online store, or want to improve your current online store, we have the e-commerce solutions to help your business reach it’s online sales goals. Supported e-commerce platforms are Shopify and WooCommerce
  • Custom Web Development – We can build you the perfect web site that will improve your online presence and help you connect with your customers. WordPress is the CMS that we specialize in for web development.
  • Responsive Web Design – Responsive web design has become more important as more and more people browse and shop from their mobile devices. Responsive web design makes your web site easily accessible across all devices.
  • PPC and Sales Landing Pages – Landing pages  are used for lead generation and have a specific call to action that you want potential clients to follow through with. These pages are continually monitored and optimized to improve conversions.
  • User Experience – how users feel and relate to the content and wether or not your client’s needs are met on your web site is extremely important for conversions.
  • Conversion Optimization – the design and functionality of your website may be great, but improvements can always be made in order to increase your conversion rate. Button colors, headlines, wording, it all makes a difference. We know what works and how to run tests in order to make sure your web site is meeting its full potential and your customers are following through with your calls to action.