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What Can a Digital Marketing Consultant Do for You?

At WCN Digital, we specialize in creating digital marketing strategies and planning to improve leads and grow your business.

Improve your Online Strategy and Stay Ahead of the Competition

We collaborate with you to develop a practical digital marketing plan that aligns with your business objectives. Starting with looking at your current position in your market and your audience, we will create a digital marketing strategy with actionable tasks designed to reach your target audience best and grow your business.

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Our Speciality – Generating Leads on Your Website

When your website and phone calls generate most of your business, it is essential to have a digital marketing strategy that best utilizes your online advertising budget. WCN Digital creates online advertising strategies that work with the best channels for growing your business and improving ROI. We build data-driven strategies that consider your audience, keywords, and budget to get clicks on your ads, form submissions, and phone calls.

Building Strategy for Organic Lead Generation

With lead generation, it’s about more than paid ads and PPC management. Organic leads can be just as important. Many businesses avoid putting the time into building organic leads because paid ads bring traffic in more quickly, and keeping up with the changes in SEO and Google algorithm updates can be overwhelming. We will create an SEO strategy for you that will make the most sense for reaching your target audience. We can also tell you what technical SEO changes you should make and look at your on-page content strategy.

Working with WCN Digital

When you work with WCN Digital as your digital marketing consultant, you get a digital marketing strategy for your team with a detailed plan for executing your goals. Further strategy meetings can be added to the project proposal if necessary. For example, if you require monthly consulting sessions, we can schedule them for an agreed-upon amount of time. Alternatively, you can request additional hourly consulting time if it was not included in your initial plan. We also work with many clients on retainer.

How to prepare for working with a digital marketing consultant

It is essential to have a clear understanding of your goals and priorities before building an online marketing strategy. You will need to be ready to share access to existing data, such as Google Analytics and other relevant accounts. Additionally, any information about previous audience research, market analysis, and additional relevant marketing information related to your business and branding can help in developing your strategy. You only need to provide the information that you believe will contribute to the success of your marketing efforts.

Start Gaining Important Insights into Your Current Strategy That Will Help Your Business Grow

Whether you want to work with WCN Digital to freshen up your strategy and hand it off to your team or have us implement it, we’ve got you covered. No matter what, we aim to ensure you gain a competitive edge over the competition.

Digital Marketing Consulting FAQ

What is a Digital Marketing Consultant?

A digital marketing consultant provides expert guidance for improving your business’s online marketing strategies. Depending on your goals, this could include anything from search engine optimization (SEO), paid search campaigns, social media, email marketing, and content marketing. As digital marketing consultants, we are here to help you reach more customers, increase your presence online, and ultimately grow your business.

What is a Digital Marketing Consultation?

A digital marketing consultation is a meeting between you and a digital marketing consultant to discuss your business’s online marketing needs and goals. During the consultation, we will ask questions about your business, target audience, and online marketing strategies. We may also perform an audit of your website and analytics to look for areas of improvement.

How Much Does a Marketing Consultation Cost?

The cost of a digital marketing consultation can vary depending on the project’s scope. Once we understand the services you need, such as PPC management, SEO, or conversion rate optimization, and the timeline for your project, we can give you a free quote.

What Does a Digital Marketing Consultation Include?

A digital marketing consultation may include various services, but it ultimately comes down to your business’s goals and needs.
Some of the most common services offered during a consultation include:

  • An audit of your website and social media accounts
  • A review of your current online marketing strategies
  • Recommendations for improving your website’s SEO
  • Advice on creating effective social media and email marketing campaigns
  • Strategies for increasing your online visibility and reaching more customers

Hiring a Digital Marketing Consultant

Hiring a digital marketing consultant can significantly improve your online presence and grow your customer base. At WCN Digital, our specialty is digital marketing services to improve online lead generation. We can work with your team to create a winning online marketing strategy to increase leads. We will examine what works for you now, what can be improved, and new growth opportunities. Your new online marketing strategy will be data-driven and custom-tailored to reach your target audience. Improved online visibility and leads are what we are here for.

What Our Clients Have to Say About Working with WCN Digital

“We have used Wade Creative Network for many years now and they are amazing.

I’ve personally worked with Jon for two years and can honestly say that WCN is one of the best partners to work with when it comes to digital marketing. Everyone there is both patient and informative when it comes to making sure the right changes are done to ensure success.

If you are looking for your next partner, you can’t go wrong with Wade Creative Network.”

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Austin W.
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“Great Team! They have been absolutely essential in taking our marketing initiatives to the next level!”

Scott R.

“The digital marketing services at Wade Creative have helped us improve our inbound marketing and generate quality leads for our law firm. From SEO to PPC Advertising to Website Design, they have been with us every step of the way. It’s a pleasure working with Wade Creative Network!”

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