PPC data management for overall marketing strategies

5 Ways to Use PPC Campaign Data for Your Overall Marketing Strategy

Digital marketers use pay-per-click advertising (PPC) to drive immediate traffic and boost sales for clients, but there is even more value to be gained. The information gathered from PPC ad campaigns can also improve overall digital marketing strategies. Let’s look at how PPC data can be leveraged for more than just improving your PPC ads.

1. Gain a Better Understanding of Your Audience

Knowing your audience is crucial in marketing. When you start PPC ads, you should already know who you are speaking to. What you can further learn about your audience from pay-per-click ad campaigns is what keywords and messaging really resonate with them. Look at what is getting the most clicks. What ads are performing the best? Use this data to run tests on your landing pages, social media, email marketing, and even offline advertising.

2. Refining Your SEO Strategy

PPC campaigns are a great way to generate traffic and gather data for your SEO strategy. Performance data from your PPC campaigns can show you which keywords get you the most traffic and conversions. Also, if you find that certain keywords are too competitive in PPC, you can focus on organic rankings for these.

3. Optimizing Your Product Offerings

Conversion data from PPC campaigns can give you insights into the products that are most appealing to your customers. If you notice that certain products tend to have higher conversion rates, it might be worth pushing these products more heavily through other marketing channels or even exploring the development of similar products. When you see that some products don’t perform well in PPC, they might need a revamp or a different marketing approach.

4. Testing Marketing Messages Before Broader Rollouts

You can use PPC campaigns to test messaging before large-scale marketing rollouts. Testing your messaging with PPC can give you immediate feedback. You can tweak and optimize on a smaller scale before committing significant resources and budgets.

5. Improving Your Site’s Usability and Experience

Landing page performance data in PPC campaigns can give you insight into UX. High bounce rates and low conversions could indicate usability issues. These issues could be affecting your whole website. Look at forms and checkouts. Is it easy? Do you have enough options? Maybe it’s your messaging. Run tests and have outsiders go through the process and give you feedback.

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A PPC management agency can help you utilize the full potential of PPC data. At WCN Digital, we not only optimize your ads but also sharpen every aspect of your approach, giving you a cohesive and informed strategy that drives success across all of your online marketing efforts.

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