PPC management strategies and ad types to enhance sales funnel

PPC Management Strategies to Boost Each Stage of the Sales Funnel

Great Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management includes expert strategies and tools to optimize for each sales funnel stage. Let’s look at a breakdown of some PPC strategies and ad types that can positively affect the following five sales funnel stages.

1. Increasing Top-of-Funnel awareness with targeted advertising and engaging ad content.

Using paid search ads on platforms like Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Facebook, PPC experts can increase your visibility and get insights into how your target audience searches. Those insights, combined with targeted keywords and demographics, ensure your brand is in front of the people most interested in your products or services.

Good PPC management also means understanding what will be ad copy and visuals to engage potential customers and encourage them to click on your search ads. A/B testing is a great way to hone in on what works best.

2. Nurturing Interest Through Remarketing and Content

Use remarketing strategies to target users who have visited your website but have not taken action or made a purchase. With remarketing, you can stay in front of potential customers and gently nudge them down the funnel.

Use Custom-tailored ad content for users in all stages of the funnel.

For potential customers in the consideration phase, a PPC manager might focus on ads highlighting product benefits, customer testimonials, or any other information that would move those prospects closer to a conversion.

3. Conversion Optimization and Testing to Get More Action on Your Page

PPC managers use conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategies to optimize landing pages for user action. Clear calls-to-action (CTAs), simplified forms, and persuasive messaging are all examples of areas for optimization. Through A/B testing and continuous ad campaign optimization, PPC managers identify the most effective elements on the pages and ad copy that lead to higher conversion rates.

4. Retaining Customers and Encouraging Loyalty

For your existing customers, you will want PPC campaigns that promote complementary products, special offers, or loyalty programs. The goal here is repeat business and brand loyalty. PPC managers can help inspire loyalty and higher customer satisfaction with interactive ads and surveys that can help gather customer feedback. Customer feedback is excellent for improving your product offerings and customer service.

5. Maximizing Lifetime Value and Referrals

With strategic ad campaigns targeting existing customers, good PPC management can effectively cross-sell related products or services and upsell premium options. You can turn happy customers into brand ambassadors with PPC ads that incentivize referrals. Referrals from happy customers can expand your reach and attract more top-of-funnel prospects.

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With the right PPC management agency by your side, every stage of your sales funnel can be enhanced with targeted, data-driven strategies.

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