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Common SEO Mistakes People Still Make

SEO No-Nos

As we all know, the rules of SEO are ever changing.

Confusing or not, we understand the importance of good rankings within Google and other search engines. Rankings can make or break your online success.

So what are some techniques that you should be staying away from when updating your site and its content? Here are a few SEO no-nos:

Non-mobile friendly designs

It is 2015, and non-responsive sites are so irritating. If you have not updated your sites to be able to be displayed and function properly on mobile devices, you are not only hurting your rankings, but also giving a poor experience to your online audience. Mobile traffic is on a rise- no one can deny that.

Reusing content

Using the same content on different pages is never a good idea. Google will not rank a page if it perceives content has been duplicated. This defeats the purpose of even having that page on your site. Keep the content clean, new and updated.

Buying Links

Aren’t we over this? Unfortunately, not. Buying links is still a fairly common practice and the reason is that there is a temporary benefit. You can see a very temporary boost in ranking because of bought links, but inevitably Google (and other search engines) hunt these down and penalize you harshly (as they should). Do not buy your links! Not only does it hurt your site and rankings, it is also extremely fraudulent and scammy.
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