4 Free SEO Tools You Should Be Using

SEO is a complicated dance. And if it wasn’t already complicated enough, navigating through tool after tool after tool… it can be exhausting, especially if you are new to this whole thing! Whether you are doing the work yourself, or just want to understand the basics so you can confidently talk to your SEO professionals, you need to start with the right tools.

We have put together a short list of our favorite FREE SEO tools that will get you started. Don’t worry, we will keep this short and sweet.

1. Google Analytics
Google Analytics is an absolute MUST! Get a better understanding of your customer, where they come from, and how your site engages those visitors. That is the shortest answer we have, but trust us.. you need it. You can find more feature information here.

2. Google Webmaster Tools
Google Webmaster Tools is great at helping webmasters and SEO professionals identify technical issues that may be preventing your website from performing at its best. But its not all about technical SEO monitoring. With webmaster tools, you can also get a good look at keyword rankings, your average position in search results and more.

3. Wordstream
This is a great tool for finding the keywords for your SEO or Paid Search campaigns. With tools like Keyword Suggestions, Niche Finder and the Negative Keyword tools, its a must have! Check it out here.

4. Copyscape
You work very hard writing your content. Protect it! Even if you have hired writers, Copyscape is a great tool for checking duplicate content. Simply choose a sample of your text and search the web in seconds. This will save you a lot of time and headache in the future.

Want more?? Don’t worry, we will have a lot more for you.

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